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What Is an Anonymous Proxy?

Protection of personal data and online anonymity, in general, are getting more and more crucial nowadays. Various bans in different countries, the division of the audience by region, and similar actions actively contribute to this issue.

Team Froxy 22 Aug 2022 4 min read
What Is an Anonymous Proxy?

How is it possible to overcome the restrictions and not be tracked by special programs (trackers, analytics, etc.)? There are different technical ways to complete the task and anonymous proxies are one of them. 

What Is Anonymous Proxy?

A proxy server is a network node that acts as an intermediary (representative) between the Internet user and the request endpoint. Web services, Internet sites, game servers, other PCs, etc. can act as web nodes.


Depending on the way proxies display transmitted requests, the following types can be distinguished:

  • Transparent proxies - in this case, the proxy server forwards all requests entered by a user without any changes (the real IP address is transmitted and, thus, it is easily tracked in the body of the HTTP header), just like a person would do. The server acts solely as a reference point for an alternative route from a user to the end node. As a result, it allows bypassing regional restrictions of network providers with minimal cost (when blocking certain IP addresses or domain names), filtering or compressing traffic, and performing other actions. As far as no browser or other software settings are required to use transparent proxies (all settings are stored on the router or other provider equipment), the connection process looks as transparent as possible for a user. This is where this proxy type gets its name.
  • Distorting proxies - these are proxies that remove some of the important data from requests, leaving only those that will help identify a specific client in their own network (on their server). This allows for simpler traffic distribution, connections, and redirects management. For example, half IP addresses (the first two blocks) will be used instead of a full one. It will be obviously more difficult to track back the IP from the end node. Tracking back from the end node will be noticeably more difficult. However, customer data is still transmitted in a partially clear form.
  • Anonymous proxies - these are proxy servers that completely remove real IP addresses of clients from HTTP headers (they do not transmit either a part of the address or a full address). However, there are indicators that a client is using a proxy server as an intermediary. In other words, the end node will be able to understand that you connected to it via a proxy, but it won’t be able to detect the exact location.
  • Elite private proxies - are proxy servers that completely remove all indicators that help understand that a client uses a proxy from the headers. In this case, the requests are sent on behalf of the server itself (with its IP and other features), which may be inconvenient for certain tasks. However, this is absolutely anonymous.

Speaking about the ways to gain access to a proxy, then there is an open proxy (a server anyone can connect to), a general proxy (a server used by several clients simultaneously), and a private proxy (this is also a private or individual proxy, that is, a server issued for use to one client only, according to the "in one hands" principle ).

The Froxy service offers elite (completely anonymous) private proxies for rent.

How Anonymous Proxies Hide Your Identity?

When it comes to transferring confidential data or bypassing blocking, a logical question generally emerges - “How will proxy process my data?”.

Let's explain below.

When you, or, to be precise, your browser or other software, sends requests to the end node (a website, a server, etc.), the program establishes a connection and transmits the so-called IP package.


An IP address is your network identifier. It can be static (if you rented a fixed IP from your provider or are a telecom operator) or dynamic (when the addresses are rotated from the provider's pool - this approach is used when a provider does not have enough IP addresses for all clients). Whatever the IP address is - either static or dynamic - a provider can always associate it with its real client due to the session history.

If a transparent or distorting proxy forwards your requests without any changes or with minimal editing, then an anonymous proxy server completely replaces your data in the IP package with its own info.

The receiving party just cannot track you or contact you directly. What the end node sees is the data of a proxy server, and it can send a reverse request to this very server.

When working with anonymous proxies, the following points should be considered:

  • Proxies hide (replace) your real IP only, while the rest of the data, such as HTTP headers, website addresses you access and other information from IP packages remains unchanged.
  • You hide your location from the end node only. For example, your network provider will be able to analyze all your traffic and restore the history of actions granted that it has the required attention and tech capabilities.
  • To completely hide your personal information, including passwords, logins, and bank card numbers, you need to use encryption algorithms and other means of hiding your activity in the network. No proxies will be able to do this.
  • Proxies, even if they are anonymous, cannot ensure the utmost level of security and confidentiality protection. They only redirect traffic (IP packages).

The Advantages of Using Anonymous Proxies 

Firstly, anonymous proxies are almost always private, that is, they are sold to one person only - no one else uses them at a time. Thus, the connection speed will be at the maximum level for this channel type (depending on the type of the end device, there are mobile, server, and private residential proxies).

Secondly, websites and web services you interact with via anonymous proxies cannot track your location and detect your real IP address in any way.

Thirdly, our anonymous proxies are quickly rotated (by time or request), ensuring a minimal chance of blocking or captcha display.

Fourthly, you can virtualize your location. You just need to rent or choose a proxy in all the required locations (depending on the capabilities of the service provider). Froxy ensures targeting to the city and telecom operator level.

Fifthly, anonymous proxies work best for many business tasks and for lock bypassing (see examples below).

Examples of Anonymous Proxy Use

Here are situations in anonymous proxies that will definitely help you:

  • Competitors’ pricing and offers to monitor;
  • Content parsing ( parallel bulk requests);
  • Bypassing local blocking of network providers when viewing content;
  • Marketing research;
  • Checking the work of contractors (for example, those who purchase advertising for you or online promotions with reference to different locations);
  • Getting the best deals on goods and prices (if a manufacturer or distributors apply diverse pricing policy for different locations);
  • Promotion and advertising in social networks;
  • Accumulation of behavioral factors and other SEO tasks;
  • Position monitoring in search results.

Where to Buy Trusted Anonymous Proxies?

Froxy offers highly anonymous mobile and private residential proxy solutions with prepaid traffic packages. You get a huge pool of addresses (over 8 million proxies) with operational rotation on demand or with a time reference.

The address lists are easily downloaded in the required format or connected to any niche software via the API.

Private Proxies

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