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What Is a Sneaker Bot?

Suppose, you need cool branded sneakers. You go to the nearest shop that sells the required brand and buy sneakers… at a huge markup. You won’t like that, will you? Then it is high time to use online technologies. Where is it possible to find first-hand branded clothes and shoes? That’s right - on the manufacturer’s website… However, you also run a risk of facing disappointment here.

Team Froxy 31 Aug 2022 7 min read
What Is a Sneaker Bot?

To start with, the cost for fashion items is set within the framework of recommended prices for a certain region. That is, they will be approximately at the level of the average market as compared to the prices in the store you didn’t wish to go to.

Secondly, the price will eventually include multiple overhead expenses, such as customs, overseas shipping, distribution, etc.

Finally, wherever you buy branded shoes/clothes - either on the official manufacturer’s website or on the resale platform - the product stock may still be limited as parties are produced/sold in limited amounts and many people wish to buy them anyway.

You can reduce the cost of branded shoes or clothes, and generally buy them by replacing your region with the one in which the most preferable offers are currently available. What you have to do is just browse all the regional versions of the brand website to find the desired model (color, size) and price. If you are not in a hurry, you can monitor prices for a long time in order to select the most profitable option.

What’s more, if you really need low prices, you can look for them on special resale platforms (The RealReal, Depop, StockX, etc.).

The icing on the cake is the opportunity to imagine that you are a professional reseller of fashion clothes and you need to monitor and buy hundreds or even thousands of items. And this “wow” bulk of operations has to be done manually!

To solve all the above-listed issues, sneaker bots definitely come in handy. Let’s talk about them further.

What Is a Sneaker Bot?

Sneaker bots are special scripts or programs that significantly speed up and automate the purchase of branded sneakers in official online stores or on specialized trading platforms.

What are the bots to buy sneakers

Their essence implies the possibility of buying the right product for further resale.

The time of a real purchase by a person (including the fill-out of all pages and profile data, payment details, etc.) constitutes a couple of minutes only.

A sneaker bot can make a purchase within seconds (to be precise, from 0.2 seconds).

Bots work great for buying rare (exclusive) products, which can further be sold 3-4 times more expensive. This is because these products can no longer be found on official websites. To tell the truth, you won’t be able to buy them without bots anyway, since the same bots will compete with you from other buyers.

People who make money selling rare samples of branded sneakers are called resellers, while the fans (collectors) of rare sneakers are called sneakerheads. There are representatives of sneakerheads in Europe and the USA, that is, all over the world. This is a market with its own characteristics and sub-niches.

How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

The process of buying sneakers using sneaker bots is very simple. These are the steps you have to complete to find out how to use sneaker bots:

  • Download and install the program. This is usually PC software, but browser plug-ins or web services may be offered instead of stand-alone programs;
  • Add your account data to the program (or several accounts, if you need to parallelize the process). To prevent the bot from working directly with your bank cards, you can preliminary add payment information to your online store account;
  • Choose the shoe model and size in the bot settings;
  • Set delay values and connect proxy servers (to reduce the risk of blocking from the website);
  • Launch (start) the bot. Many scripts allow setting flexible setup terms: on a schedule, with reference to required dates, etc.

The bot monitors the availability of the required lot during its operation. To do this, it parses the web page content of an online store and checks the necessary HTML elements.

How the bots work to buy sneakers

As soon as an item becomes available for sale, it emulates the user's actions: it adds the product to the cart and pays for it.

That’s easy.

Many sneaker bots can store your card details and shipping addresses to speed up purchases, let you flexibly configure the logic of replacing products (if the required sizes are missing), keep track of stock replenishment, etc. If you need many accounts, they ensure the generation and filling of profile data.

Many resellers have their own special configurations that have been verified by time: optimal delays between requests, a certain number of instances for continuous availability monitoring, fast notification channels for timely resolution of technical problems, etc.

Why Do I Need Proxies to Work with Bots?

It goes without saying that retail buyers want to buy sneakers at the price set by the manufacturer. However, it is almost impossible to do this because of resale and sneaker bots.

This eventually results in complaints about product unavailability, high prices set by resellers, etc. To reduce the negative impact on their reputation, trading platforms actively fight bots. The so-called “anti-fraud systems” are used for this purpose.

An easy way to bypass all these security systems is to virtualize the client's location by using a proxy.

The higher the proxy quality is (the degree of trust by anti-fraud systems), the higher the probability of an automated purchase proves to be.

Proxies for sneaker bots also have unique features:

  • Firstly, this is their geography. You only need IP addresses from specified regions (that are available for the purchase and supply of branded shoes);
  • Secondly, the proxy type. Shared (public) or even private (paid) proxies based on server IPs are easily tracked and banned. It is more difficult to block residential proxies that work on the basis of home user IP addresses. The most trusted ones, however, are mobile proxies;
  • Thirdly, the ease of proxy integration with sneaker bots (to be precise, their technical compatibility) is also important. It is very good if a new “clean” IP address is used for each purchase/account.

What Kinds of Sneaker Bots Are There?

Sneaker bots are far from new to the automation script market. There are real old-timers and mega systems for different tasks among them. They may be tailored for certain brands, or they may be all-in-one services, that is, those that work with several trading platforms and brands. The best sneaker bot scripts are reviewed below.

Better Nike Bot

The cost ranges from $200 to $600.

Available as a PC application.

There is a bot option to work with Nike sneakers only and universal bots (All-In-One) for other sneaker brands.

Better Nike Bot can work with all regions, where Nike is available (except for Nike China) and with the Nike Snkrs program. It allows using any number of accounts and automating the process of their creation. Technical pros include:

  • Keyword monitoring in product titles (to track new items);
  • Multistreaming (including simple proxy integration);
  • Twitter API support;
  • Notifications and emails, including Discord notifications;
  • Shopping cart review;
  • Availability tracking;
  • Storage of bank card data.

To work with different trading platforms (Eastbay, Footlocker, Shoepalace, etc.), you need to purchase the BNB All in One bot edition (its cost also constitutes $200- $600).

The licenses are valid for a lifetime, but you have to pay special fees to keep receiving the updates.

Better Nike Bot
Better Nike Bot

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the Better Nike Bot. Check out our tutorial.

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The cost starts at $299/year.

Available as an app for PC and Mac.

EasyCop supports the following trading platforms (foot sites): Footlocker (USA and Canada as well as website versions with women's and children's shoes), Footaction, Eastbay, and Champssports.

The brands you can work with include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and others.

The technical features include the following:

  • Support for multi-accounts (+ account manager and account generator);
  • Notifications via email and SMS messages (after connecting relevant mailing services);
  • Size randomizer (in case you can’t find the required ones);
  • Support for proxy servers and a built-in tool for quality checking;
  • Preset groups;
  • Availability monitoring;
  • Import and export system.

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the EasyCop. Check out our tutorial.

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NikeSlayer (+SoleSlayer and SupremeSlayer)

The cost ranges between $150 and $550.

Available as a PC application only (to use it with Mac, you will need to deploy a virtual machine);

NikeSlayer is a specialized bot designed exclusively for buying Nike sneakers. The same team, TeamSlayer, however, also releases other bots to buy shoes:

  • SupremeSlayer - a bot for buying Supreme sneakers;
  • SoleSlayer - an All-In-One bot that supports the major foot sites for buying branded sneakers, FootAction, EastBay, Footlocker, and ChampSports.

The technical features of the bot include:

  • Multistreaming (via proxy servers) and multi-accounts;
  • Captcha support;
  • Complicated bot launch schedule;
  • Notifications about successful purchases via Twitter, SMS, e-mail;
  • The number of simultaneous streams depends on the type of license purchased (from 5 to unlimited);
  • Credit Card Manager;
  • Guest sessions;
  • Advanced error handling.
Nike Slayer

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the NikeSlayer. Check out our tutorial.

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Another Nike Bot

The cost starts at $299.

Available as a PC application only (it can be deployed in a virtual environment, i.e. in a virtual machine to be used with Linux and Mac).

Another Nike Bot (ANB), aka Nike SNKRS Bot, is designed to work with one sneaker brand only - Nike. It is compatible with the EU (Europe), US (USA), CH (China), Hong Kong, AU (Australia), and Japan regions.

The technical capabilities of the bot are as follows:

  • Multi profiles linked to different bank cards and shipping addresses;
  • Automated testing of proxy lists and accounts;
  • The simultaneous launch of the individual or all tasks;
  • Manual check-out mode;
  • Built-in sneaker release calendar;
  • One license refers to one computer.
Another Nike Bot
Another Nike Bot

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the Another Nike Bot. Check out our tutorial.

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AIO Sneaker Bot

The cost constitutes $299/year.

Supported platforms - Windows + Mac (using a virtual machine).

AIO Bot v2 is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the sneaker bot market. The script supports more than a hundred different online platforms for buying branded shoes. It allows getting Yeezys, Adidas, Travis Scotts, Jordans, Dunks, etc. Apart from buying sneakers only, you can also use the software to resell game consoles (like the popular Sony PlayStation 5).

Technical features of the software include:

  • No Supreme brand support (a separate bot has to be bought for this);
  • Manual captcha entry only (recognition services cannot be enabled here);
  • System for import/export of tasks and profile settings;
  • Proxy lists support;
  • Webhook notifications (you can connect to Discord here);
  • Any number of concurrent streams;
  • You can run the software on the server (only in a Windows environment).
AIO Sneaker Bot
AIO Sneaker Bot

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the AIO Sneaker Bot. Check out our tutorial.

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NikeShoeBot (NSB)

The cost starts at $349/year.

Supported platforms - Windows and Mac.

As the name implies, NikeShoeBot was initially created to work with one brand only. However, the concept quickly changed and the bot can now work not only with different brands but also with many trading platforms. These include over a hundred specialized websites on Shopify, branded online stores like Adidas, Yeezy, and Supreme as well as large trading platforms like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc.

The major technical specifications include:

  • Multistreaming with proxy support;
  • Multi-monitoring with live notifications in Discord;
  • Intelligent script for authorization on Shopify websites and bypass in case of bots blocking;
  • User cookie generator (to reduce the risk of blocking);
  • Instant captcha bypass (one click);
  • Super-fast checkout + the ability to emulate human behavior (Cyborg mode);
  • Storage of multiple payment profiles;
  • Password protection of tasks.
Nike Shoe Bot
Nike Shoe Bot

Learn how to use proxies from Froxy with the Nike Shoe Bot. Check out our tutorial.

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Where to Get a Proxy for Sneaker Bots?

Mobile or residential proxies work best for sneaker bots. Only these proxies can increase the trust level and “introduce themselves” to the target website as real users due to their home or mobile IP addresses.

To place an order/payment, you will need location virtualization in a specific region. A far better option is to match the shipping address with the IP location address as accurately as possible. In this case, the degree of trust in anti-fraud systems will be as high as possible (it is almost impossible to detect a bot).

The best mobile and residential proxies can be bought with Froxy: accurate targeting to the city and telecom provider level, any number of concurrent streams, rapid rotation of IP addresses, and a profitable trial package for testing. Proxy lists are easily loaded into sneaker bot settings.

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