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Save and accumulate traffic to infinity!

Now, instead of being burned, the remaining proxy traffic will accumulate when you renew your subscription. How does it work?

Team Froxy 11 Apr 2024 1 min read
Save and accumulate traffic to infinity!

    Have you ever wished that unused traffic would accumulate instead of burning up? Sounds like the perfect feature…

    We're excited to introduce an industry-unique feature - Rollover Data that changes the way you maximize the value of your proxy and scraper plan.

    Traditionally, unused traffic expires at the end of each billing period. But no more - we're now carrying over unused traffic to the next month when you renew your plan.

    That's right, any unused proxy traffic or scraping tokens will automatically roll over into your next billing cycle. With our new Rollover Data system, you can rest easy knowing that your unused resources will be waiting for you next month.

    Here are some key things to know:

    • All unused traffic in the current billing period will roll over to the next billing period when you renew your plan.
    • If you activate a plan from the trial period, the unused traffic in the trial period also will be transferred to the full-time plan.
    • The Rollover Data feature is available on all the proxy and scrapers plans.

    Important! To avoid losing your accumulated traffic, make sure you have auto-renew enabled (specify a recurring payment method or make regular top-ups).

    You can try this unique feature yourself on Froxy proxies and scrapers. All you have to do is go to

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