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Proxies for Instagram: What Proxies Are Best

A place accessed by many people is an ideal platform to advertise your products and/or services. This is the reason for many contemporary entrepreneurs choose social networks to promote their brands, grow their audience and solve other marketing tasks. You don’t have to invest in website maintenance with social networks. You get a ready-made infrastructure along with the audience. All you need is to attract the target audience.

Team Froxy 1 Aug 2022 5 min read
Proxies for Instagram: What Proxies Are Best

    Advertising on Instagram, just like account promotion on any other social network, is a powerful industry. Someone prefers to do everything independently, while others hire specialists for project promotion. In both cases, however, the scheme, as well as the tools used, will be mostly similar.

    One of such tools, which is highly effective (in professional hands), is a proxy for Instagram. Let’s discuss below what it is, why it is applied, how to properly use it, and how many Instagram accounts per proxy you can generally have.

    What Are Proxies for Instagram?

    Any proxy server Instagram can use is a node in the network that can help redirect your requests/traffic on the web to achieve certain results.

    For example, proxies can be used to bypass blocking, clean traffic from unnecessary elements (ads or viruses), compress media files (images, videos) or text as well as parallelize requests in order to implement the simultaneous collection of large information volumes.

    Thus, a proxy is a kind of intermediary or representative that redirects your traffic.

    But what is an Instagram proxy and why do you need it? That’s quite easy. Regular users who have only one account and do not have to automate the process of collecting information about competitor accounts, don’t really need proxies. They may only be required to bypass blockings that have recently become relevant.

    Proxies for Instagram represent a way to parallelize marketing tasks to implement bulk actions. They are used with special software or with niche web services.

    Why Use a Proxy for Instagram?

    Like any other large-scale web service that involves a social component, Instagram thoroughly controls user behavior to avoid violation of the rules of conduct and application of the platform to the detriment of the company and other customers.

    As part of the implementation of security strategies, special algorithms block bulk automated requests (parsing), bulk registration (fake accounts), cheating votes/likes, and other actions.

    It is quite easy to track such actions - you just need to relate the client's IP address with the number of incoming requests. Automated scripts are quickly detected.

    Without automation elements, however, SMM just wouldn’t be available as a technology for customer promotion and attraction. Instagram security restrictions can be bypassed using a large number of proxy servers.

    The following criterion generally works here: one account - one proxy server.

    Are there any distinctive limits for Instagram? No. The company does not regulate technical connection parameters. All methods of traffic filtering and artificial activity detection, on the contrary, are kept secret. The terms of service only mention the fact that accounts will be blocked, if imitation attempts are detected by the system. It is hardly possible to dispute such a fact.

    Experienced SMM specialists, however, manage to divide accounts by their age and gradually wind up likes and subscriptions.

    Thus, proxies make it possible to complete the following tasks (how to use a proxy for Instagram):

    • Winding up activity parameters of the main business account (mass looking, mass liking, mass following);
    • Postponed content publication and bulk account updates according to templates (stories, photos, videos, comments);
    • Autoresponders (response to users according to the given rules and templates);
    • Collection of information about the target audience (filtering, segmentation, etc.);
    • Conduction of promo campaigns;
    • Activity boosting (stimulation, gamification, etc.);
    • Sending Instagram Direct messages;
    • Blockage bypassing.

    Despite the blocking in some countries, Instagram still remains an attractive platform for businesses and investors. Many users have found a way to bypass local restrictions - they frequently use VPN or other solutions. A proxy for business is the most logical, bulk, and affordable solution when compared with a VPN, for example.

    Thus, proxies make it possible to complete bulk actions and promote business accounts without the risk of blocking. Of course, if you adhere to the norms and rules identified in the experimental way (an adequate number of publications, comments, likes, and rules of following for new accounts as well as a gradual increase in parameters over time that does not arouse suspicion).

    What Proxy to Choose for Instagram

    To start with, we will review the types of proxies for Instagram:

    Type of instagram proxies

    • Server (shared or private/personal, paid or free) - they work on the basis of IP addresses belonging to large data centers. Such proxies ensure high connection speeds and stability. Such IP addresses, however, are easily tracked by the owner and, thus, they are also easily blocked when bulk actions are detected on Instagram. Server proxies may work well to bypass individual blockings only if the received IP is not listed in any spam database;
    • Residential (personal or shared, they are rarely free, except for testing options) - they work based on the IP addresses of user devices (PCs, laptops, smart TVs, etc.). They have lower performance and quite a short life cycle. Residential proxies for Instagram work quite well, but they can still be quickly identified and blocked for a short time. Read more about residential proxies in our article.
    • Batch (server and/or residential) - this is a set of different types of proxies in one list/package, which can be pre-sorted by geographical parameters (coverage). They attract users by a favorable price in terms of one proxy, but they can actually have multiple blocked and unviable addresses. They do not offer any guarantees or replacement options. Clients usually buy batch proxies at their own risk;
    • Mobile Proxies for Instagram (there are general or personal proxies that are almost always paid) - they are quite similar to residential proxies, being a kind of their subtype, but they work based on mobile device addresses issued by mobile operators, 3G, 4G or 5G network standards. They have quite a short life cycle and low connection speed, but they work best at handling bulk tasks as they are almost never blocked by anti-fraud systems. Learn more about what mobile proxies are in our article.

    We have purposely reviewed proxies with regard to the types of devices, on the basis of which they are launched or work. After all, it is binding to the IP addresses of Internet providers that eventually turns out to be the decisive factor.

    Mobile proxies work best for Instagram. Here is why: 

    How instagram proxies works

    1. Internet addresses of mobile network providers are dynamically distributed among clients (mobile network subscribers). The lifetime of one session can be extremely short. Thus, there is no guarantee that another subscriber will not connect to Instagram with the same IP address in five minutes and this will be a real person, not a bot. It doesn't make any sense to block such IPs. Up to several hundred clients can use the same address;
    2. Even if the anti-fraud system works, the blocking effect won’t last long (not longer than a few hours). Addresses of mobile operators are tracked and instantly excluded from stop lists. It is generally the mobile operator that is responsible for handling spam/fraud issues;
    3. Mobile proxy providers like Froxy usually offer an extensive selection of addresses in different locations. This lets you choose that very location of virtual accounts you are interested in most of all - up to the city and mobile operator;
    4. If the address pool is large, you can rotate the addresses as they fail (if they are blocked or disabled) or you can even assign a new IP address to each new request;
    5. Requests can be sent simultaneously - depending on the number of available ports (up to 1000 or even more). Thus, you can solve any tasks with Instagram accounts: mass following, mass liking, mass looking, etc.
    Mobile Proxies

    Try mobile proxies for Instagram and forget about blockers and captchas. A pool of more than 8 million IP addresses worldwide.

    Try With Trial $1.99, 3 Days

    A few words about mobile Instagram proxy disadvantages. They frequently have quite a short life cycle and extremely expensive traffic. This is partly the fault of mobile operators, which do not provide unlimited plans and do not organize a reliable infrastructure everywhere (mobile network performance always depends on multiple factors: uneven terrain, large radio-tight objects, overload of the available capacity by subscribers, etc.).

    Where Can You Get the Best Instagram Proxy?

    We recommend choosing experienced and large providers only - those that can offer official quality assurance.

    Froxy has been in business for over 10 years and can offer a pool of over 8 million IP addresses. We have an API and ready-made integrations with professional software for SMM tasks.

    Froxy will work great for renting Instagram proxies.

    If you wish to test the service in action, go ahead to use a special trial package for $1.99 (it is valid for 3 days and grants 100 Mb of traffic).

    Best Proxies for Instagram

    200+ Geos, No blocking

    Mobile and residential proxies for Instagram - Try proxies from Froxy for just $1.99.

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