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How to fix Instagram Challenge_Required Error: Guide and Best Practices

Many people face the problem of Instagram Challenge_Required, which becomes a nuisance while performing work tasks. Let's get to the root of the problem and look at the main ways to solve Challenge_Required.

Team Froxy 30 Nov 2023 5 min read
How to fix Instagram Challenge_Required Error: Guide and Best Practices

The largest internet platforms and web services frequently make use of specialized anti-fraud systems (to prevent fraudulent actions) and bots (automated scripts used for scraping, boosting ratings, behavioral factors etc.). Instagram is not an exception.

There are too many people interested in using Instagram for advertising and various other purposes, such as competitor analysis, managing multiple accounts, mass following, mass liking etc. Instagram has a daily audience exceeding hundreds of millions of users. Thus, the desire to protect against parasitic traffic is completely justified.

Situations when the built-in protection system is activated erroneously, preventing users from accessing their accounts, are not uncommon.

The Challenge required ig error is one of the samples. We’ll discuss it further.

What Does The “Instagram Challenge_Required” Error Mean?

So, what does challenge required mean on Instagram? "Challenge" is translated from English as "test," "problem," "task," or "doubtful situation." However, there are multiple other translations of this word.

An approximate translation of the phrase ig Challenge Required sounds like "a challenge is needed."

The “Challenge_Required” error generally indicates that Instagram's security system has doubts about the legitimacy of the login attempt. Therefore, it prevents authorization and suspicious user activity.

The system usually attempts to request (or send) additional login data, but if a user ignores it, the above mentioned error may occur.

As a result, it becomes impossible to log into the account from a specific device where the problem arose - neither after a reboot nor after a password reset or any other actions.

This is a kind of a temporary ban issued by the security system if it detects actions that resemble automated processes (similar to scripts, bots or hacking attempts).

The situation can be disappointing, especially for account owners with a large amount of followers and businesses tied to their Instagram accounts.

Most Common Reasons for the Challenge Required Instagram Error

Most Common Reasons for the Challenge Required Instagram Error

The most likely reason is an erroneous security system block. It can occur due to a combination of several factors:

  • A user has recently changed a device;
  • There were too many login attempts (both with correct and incorrect password entries);
  • Suspicious activity was detected during the previous login (a user completed actions they have never done before or did them in excessive quantities);
  • A user made multiple attempts to change (reset) a password;
  • Attempts to disable two-factor authentication were made;
  • The second factor didn't reach the recipient or wasn't used, even though it was required;
  • The current IP address does not match the IP address of the previous login;
  • Etc.

In addition to obvious user-related reasons, there can be some other factors, such as:

  • Parallel operation of malware, spam bots or VPN/proxy network nodes on a user's device;
  • Heavy network traffic load;
  • Operation of other parasitic programs in the local network (from the same IP address);
  • Use of software solutions for managing multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts (this is almost a normal situation for businesses and entrepreneurs: mass posting, boosting, working with Direct etc.);
  • Internal Instagram error (the security system uses AI, so errors are quite possible here, especially in separate extraordinary situations);
  • Someone attempts to log into the same Instagram account (e.g., if a password is too weak or the password data has been compromised in a data breach).

How to Fix the Instagram Challenge Required Error

How to Fix the Instagram Challenge Required Error

First, make sure that your devices or local network are not sending automated requests to Instagram domains. Scan all your devices with antivirus programs and ensure there is no suspicious software installed: various utilities, unknown games, anti-detection browsers etc.

Second, if you've changed your device or the login type (e.g., switched from the mobile app to logging in through the built-in browser), try to log into your account using the last working method. This approach significantly increases your chances for success.

Third, check your connection type. For example, if you used your account with home Wi-Fi, make sure your device hasn't switched to a mobile or another network (e.g., your neighbor's Wi-Fi).

Fourth, update the Instagram app to the latest version (use official sources and marketplaces only).

Fifth, use the built-in system browser to check the availability and functionality of the Instagram website from the same device (this might be a temporary issue with the network provider or Instagram itself).

Sixth, if none of the previous steps have improved the situation, change your IP address, for instance, by rebooting your router (if your provider supports dynamic IP address changes) or by using proxies, preferably mobile or residential ones with a clean history.

Using a VPN to change your IP address may do more harm because their IP address pools are usually small and could be known to Instagram's security system. Alternatively, you might need a verified VPN to work with Instagram.

Seventh, if changing the IP address does not help (when the issue is with your account), just wait for some time. Usually, a couple of days (between 24 to 48 hours) are enough, but in particularly complex cases (like shadow bans, for example), access to a specific account may be suspended for up to 2 weeks.

How to Make Your Instagram Bot Behave Like a Human

If you use automation tools (like mass following, mass liking, multi-accounts etc.), the likelihood of encountering the Challenge_Required Instagram error significantly increases.

To avoid such an unpleasant situation and to bypass an existing error, you can undertake the following steps:

  • Incorporate the official Instagram API into your software and scripts – either the Graph API or the Basic Display API;
  • If you use third-party APIs, reduce the frequency of requests and try changing your scraping provider (take your time to research the service history and to read reviews from real clients);
  • Implement scripts that can simulate human behavior (incorporating elements of randomness and well-timed pauses in actions);
  • Utilize high-quality and trusted proxy rental services like Froxy. It is recommended to opt for mobile proxies as they are more likely to be trusted by anti-fraud systems.

Other Instagram Errors

If you are engaged in mass actions on Instagram as well as in managing a large number of parallel accounts, the Challenge_Required error won't be the only one you encounter.

Among the most common login errors, the following ones should be mentioned:

  • Suspicious Login Error: Caused by the same actions as Challenge_Required. Chaotic IP changes, inconsistent login regions and other likewise factors;
  • Temporary Action Block (Feedback Required): The most likely reasons for this error include violations of Instagram's policies or a bot-like account behavior. You can mitigate this by increasing delays and reducing the script execution speed;
  • Checkpoint Required (we have detected an unusual login attempt): The security system is uncertain if you are who you claim to be. As a result, you have to undergo identity verification;
  • Your Account Has Been Disabled: You've severely violated the platform's rules. It is unlikely that the account can be unblocked;
  • Couldn't Refresh Feed: This is a clear error with the application or browser session. The error can be resolved by reloading the page or by simply logging out the app and logging back in.
  • Action Blocked: There's a high likelihood that your actions have exceeded reasonable limits. Reduce script speed and minimize the volume of automated actions.
  • Account Disabled: This usually happens when dangerous content is posted or there have been complaints against your account.
  • Unable to Connect: Instagram servers are unavailable - either at the regional level or due to a more widespread outage. In this case, you just need to wait for the company's engineers to resolve the issue.

How to Use Proxies for Instagram?

How to Use Proxies for Instagram?

Official mobile applications cannot work through proxies; they use direct connections only.

To connect to Instagram through intermediary servers, you'll need to use one of the following methods:

  • Special proxy rotators;
  • Specialized software for Instagram (e.g., SMMplanner, SocialKit, Accovod, various anti-detection browsers etc.);
  • Proxies configured at the operating system level.

The most convenient format is the one that allows for proxy rotation. This may help reduce the risk of being blocked. In other words, proxy rotators or specialized software that allows adding your proxy lists when working with multiple accounts are among the best options.

Since Instagram's security system is quite sensitive, we recommend renting only high-quality white proxies with maximum anonymity of the following types:

  • Residential proxies.
  • Mobile proxies.

Both types should have forced rotation and high-quality targeting, so that new IP addresses are selected as closely together as possible, making the changeover appear more realistic to Instagram's security systems.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Conclusions and Recommendations

The Instagram Challenge_Required error most often occurs due to incorrect or atypical user behavior during the authorization process. To bypass it, you can either change your IP address or simply wait ( this may take up to 48 hours of inactivity).

If the error occurs during mass actions and the use of specialized automation scripts, additional protective measures for profile software are required. You should consider implementing proxies, reducing transaction frequency and reviewing scripts for adequacy (their behavior should be similar to the actions of real users).

You can purchase high-quality mobile and residential proxies from us. Froxy offers a pool of over 8 million IP addresses as well as targeting up to the city/provider level. Automatic or on-demand rotation is possible. Proxy lists can be uploaded in various formats - they are easy to integrate with specialized Instagram software.

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