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How Mobile Proxies Work and How to Use Them

Those who have ever tried to buy something in well-known foreign stores to further ship the goods to international destinations have the firsthand knowledge that many websites of official brands just won’t sell products intended for other regions. To solve the problem, you have to imitate the location (deceive website algorithms) and specify a special warehouse of the intermediary service or the house of your authorized representative as the delivery address.

Team Froxy 27 Jul 2022 5 min read
How Mobile Proxies Work and How to Use Them

    Proxy servers work similarly. They act as an intermediary or a special route point that makes it possible to bypass standard restrictions or established traffic routing rules. 

    Let’s have a closer look at what mobile proxies are and what advantages they have over other types of proxy servers now. 

    What Is a Mobile Proxy? 

    Mobile proxies are a kind of residential proxies that work exclusively on mobile gadgets, connecting to the Internet through mobile operator's networks (based on 3G, 4G, or 5G networks).

    How mobile proxies work

    Read more about residential proxies in another article.

    Let's briefly discuss this issue. Residential proxy servers are those that work inside user devices - PCs, laptops, routers, IoT devices, etc. - that is, all those gadgets that connect to the Internet via the networks of local operators.

    Local telecom operators work with residents of the host country - individuals or legal entities permanently residing in this location.

    A mobile proxy server is usually a combination of a special application that is installed on a client smartphone or tablet (if the latter comes with a 3G or 4G module) and a control part hosted on the servers of the proxy network owner. The control programs are responsible for request routing within the proxy network as well as for securing access.

    Based on the number of users simultaneously connecting to the same node, proxies may be divided into the following types:

    • Private mobile proxies are those that are issued to one person only. This means that nobody uses the same node simultaneously with you. All traffic is only yours. 
    • Shared mobile proxies are those that can be used by multiple clients at a time. This is how you can save on the cost of one mobile device rent, but the channel width will be shared between all participants. Confidentiality may be also at risk.

    To organize their mobile proxy network, providers can use different approaches and techniques.

    Benefits of Mobile Proxies

    To find out what advantages mobile IP addresses provide, you need to understand what parameters to compare.

    Advantages of mobile proxies

    The most suitable mobile proxy alternatives are as follows: 

    • Server proxies - those that work on dedicated or virtual servers, inside special data centers and use the widest and the most available access backbone channels (10 Mb/sec and more) as a connection;
    • Residential proxies - those that also work based on user devices, but generally use wired connections - ADSL, FTTB, PON - as connection channels. They boast average availability and acceptable stability (compared to mobile proxies).

    Mobile proxies have the following advantages compared to their rivals:

    • Minimal Blocking Risk. Only mobile proxies make it possible to solve complex tasks like bulk parsing of trading platforms, creation of multi-accounts in social networks without consequences, etc. The fact is that mobile devices dynamically receive IP addresses from the communication provider. It doesn’t make any sense to block such IPs as it belongs to one user now and can be owned by another user tomorrow. Thus, you can accidentally disconnect legitimate users. Even if mobile IPs are blocked, this is a temporary measure. 
    • Prompt IP Change. Address rotation can be carried out at any time - even for each request. It is possible to set up address change by time or when the problems (like a proxy failure) are detected. Trusted mobile proxy providers do not require any payments for this option. You only lease a pool of active addresses (ports).
    • Request Parallelization. The more devices there are in the proxy network, the more parallel requests can be sent. Thus, you can speed up and simplify even very complex tasks, such as parsing thousands of competitor pages.
    • Huge Selection of Locations. Server proxies are frequently tied to large cities and data center locations. The choice of communication providers is generally very limited. In the case of mobile proxies, you can virtualize your location not only to a certain place but also to the mobile operator. No one will ever be able to distinguish your requests from those of real customers.
    • Compatibility with Professional Software. In this case, much depends on the API capabilities and the availability of ready-made integration modules of a mobile proxy provider. Froxy, for example, is great at this. 
    Worldwide Coverage

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    Mobile proxies also have some disadvantages. These usually include the high traffic cost (this is because of the prices for mobile communication, there are few places with unlimited plans for 3G, 4g mobile proxies, or 5G connections) and low connection stability (it is difficult to calculate the lifetime of mobile proxies as well as their access speed, this will depend on multiple factors - distance from base stations, their workload, terrain features, available battery power, etc.).

    How to Use Mobile Proxies?

    Based on their specifics, mobile proxies will be indispensable for the completion of the following tasks:

    • Arbitration. For profitable models based on specific user actions;
    • SMM. Network marketing and promotion of accounts in social networks (multi-accounts) - for bulk user registration and creation of satellite accounts. The best sample of such an application is the use of mobile proxies for Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
    • ORM and Online Reputation Management. Reviews tracking, positive image creation, reputation protection, etc.;
    • Checking the Actions of Promo Agents. You can independently check where the ads are displayed, who sees them, what their quality is etc.; 
    • SEO tasks. For example, monitoring of positions for various requests concerning locations/specific regions. Checking competitors’ positions and methods;
    • Price Monitoring and Getting the Best Shopping Deals. Large retail networks may set different prices in various locations and countries;
    • Collection of Other Data - about competitors, partners, or their websites ( this usually concerns certain important indicators/metrics).

    Mobile proxies will not be the best solution for watching streaming video broadcasts or for torrent downloading/sharing because of high traffic costs.

    How to use mobile proxies

    Proxies should not be considered as a VPN alternative as well. They have different tasks and security levels.

    What Is the Difference Between Mobile and Residential Proxies? 

    As mentioned above, mobile and residential proxies are very similar services in terms of their functionality. The only significant distinction is the types of devices used:

    • Mobile proxies are used only for mobile gadgets with 3G, 4G, or 5G connections;
    • Residential proxies are used for all types of devices that connect to the home network (to the network of a local wired or wireless provider). For example, if you are connected to the provider's network using wireless Wi-Fi antennas, this will still be the local operator's network (this is not a mobile network).

    This triggers other special features: 

    • Residential proxies usually have a longer lifetime and a higher connection speed;
    • Mobile proxies offer more expensive traffic (because of the mobile operator plans).

    Where Can You Get Mobile Proxies?

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