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Froxy Gives Gifts

Take advantage of Froxy's birthday discount on proxy purchases.

Team Froxy 15 Sep 2022 1 min read
Froxy Gives Gifts

    Hi! Today we're having a celebration...

    Today, on September 15, Froxy is turning one year old! A year of being with you, a year of hard work, and incredible growth. We sincerely thank everyone who has chosen Froxy - our team is proud to work with over 5,000 customers. 

    Froxy is making a real celebration and giving you a promo code with a 30% discount on proxy purchases. You will find the coupon in our Telegram - subscribe and take advantage of the discount.

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    Get a Promo Code

    Limited offer - 30% Discount

    Subscribe to our Telegram and get a 30% discount on all packages in celebration of Froxy's birthday.

    Go to Telegram

    Important! With this promo code, you can choose any Froxy package except Enterprise. You can make purchases with a discount until and including September 30, 2022.

    Thank you for being with us.
    Froxy team.

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