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Dolphin{anty} Anti-detect Browser, or How to Work with Multi-accounting

Keep your accounts safe and avoid getting blocked. Here's an overview of the top anti-detection browser Dolphin{anty} and its features.

Team Froxy 7 May 2024 3 min read
Dolphin{anty} Anti-detect Browser, or How to Work with Multi-accounting

Staying completely undetected online today can only be accomplished with extreme caution and the use of specialized tools. With tracking, profiling, and surveillance, maintaining anonymity has become a critical factor for many.

Often, privacy tools work more effectively in tandem with others, which has become a common practice for working in the online space.

This is where anti-detection browsers come to the rescue. Regular browsers aren't designed to hide your digital footprint or keep you hidden from prying eyes while you browse. Anti-detect browsers are.

What is an Anti-detect Browser?

What is an Anti-detect Browser?

An anti-detect browser is a special browser that is able to create an unlimited number of virtual browser profiles. That is, each profile created in this browser has a distinct digital footprint.

How does it work?

A digital fingerprint is a set of data about a user's device that can be used to identify them when visiting web resources. Like cookies, it allows you to collect data about users. So, if you visit the same website from one device, you may be blocked, for example, if you manage several accounts.

We can say that the main indicator of a browser's anti-detection is its ability to bypass anti-fraud systems that evaluate online activity in terms of suspiciousness (fraud).

Anti-detect browsers use special techniques to modify the user ID by substituting some of the parameters. For example, they change the IP address, user-agent, device screen resolution information, geo-position data, etc. This is done to prevent websites from accurately identifying the user and tracking their online activity.

Anti-detect browsers use various techniques to disguise users, such as:

  • Modifying request headers and other browser identifiers.
  • Providing false information about the browser and operating system.
  • Blocking cookies and other identifiers.
  • Using proxy servers to hide the actual IP address.

This lets you mask your digital footprint and manage multiple accounts, collect the valuable data, and retain access while bypassing lockdowns.

How to Choose an Anti-detect Browser?

How to Choose an Anti-detect Browser?

There are lots of anti-detect browser options out there, and here are the main things to think about when choosing one:

  • How well does it hide your IP address and online footprints?
  • Can it hide your system and browser configuration data to avoid the risk of your fingerprints being detected?
  • How does the browser handle cookies?
  • Does it support your operating system(s), such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., for ease of use?
  • Can you change security and anonymity settings over time to suit your needs?
  • Does the anti-detect browser offer automation and internal management tools?

If you get a positive answer to each question, you'll see that Dolphin Anty is the top choice in the anti-detect browser market.

Dolphin Anty anti-detect

Dolphin Anty anti-detect can change a lot of parameters, like WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects, time zone, language, geolocation, CPU, memory, screen, media, ports, and so on. This browser is tested by browser fingerprint scanners like Pixelscan, CreepJS, and many others.

Dolphin Anty is the #1 anti-detect browser according to Affiliate Space Awards by Conversion Club. So far, it's the best tool for hiding your digital tracks.

This anti-detect browser creates unique and real prints that won't set off any alarms with antifraud systems.

Dolphin Anty Features

Teams that work with traffic arbitrage, cryptocurrency platforms, e-commerce, gambling and betting, as well as research and development in the field of web technologies, have already seen the benefits of using Dolphin Anty.

This anti-detect browser has gone beyond the usual functionality of hiding real identities and offers handy tools for account management and teamwork.

  • The browser collects fingerprints from real users and gives them to its users when creating new browsers. This makes each of your accounts unique in terms of fingerprint. Cache, cookies and other settings are completely separate.
  • You can manage an unlimited number of unique profiles.
  • Cookie robot tool will collect cookies for you for later use and save you time.
  • You can add unique notes, tags, and statuses to different profiles, so you and your team will know at a glance whether an account is active or not.
  • The action synchronizer lets you perform the same actions in several profiles at once, like adding browser extensions to all profiles at once.
  • Team functionality lets you set up multi-level access and track the work of each team member.
  • Automation services like Selenium or Puppeteer can help you set up automation. You can customize the built-in automation system, called Scripts, without knowing any code.
  • The browser is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Dolphin Anty anti-detect

Special attention should be paid to the proxy manager, which allows you to conveniently and quickly manage connections to proxy servers. Since proxies are an essential part of any anti-detection browser, it's important to be able to hide your real IP address, so you can configure and connect without any issues.

Dolphin Anty anti-detect

For instance, the Dolphin Anty proxy manager lets you add proxy configurations in bulk, edit them, and test the connection. Once configured, you can assign different proxies to each specific profile in the browser. It's especially handy for managing mobile proxies: you can change the IP address directly in the browser interface by pressing one button.

How to get Dolphin Anty?

How to get Dolphin Anty?

The Dolphin anti-detection browser is available for individual use as well as for use within teams. It's got all the functionality you need to manage multiple accounts that can be accessed by the whole team.

All plans include synchronization of browser profiles on all computers, a full set of fingerprint swaps, mass account management tools, and other features.

The browser offers a free plan for all users with 10 profiles, and you can buy more if you need them.

It's easy to connect Froxy proxy in Dolphin Anty and enjoy a convenient, secure experience.

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